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As Time Goes By: Myths of Aging

Growing older has a lot going for it. But if you believed everything you heard about aging, you could be excused for being anxious. We carry a lot of misguided expectations about growing older. Read o

Testosterone 101

Testosterone plays important roles in the body—it’s not just for mucho macho. “T” also contributes to bone density, fat distribution, muscle mass and strength, facial and body hair, and the production

Health Conditions That Differ Between the Sexes

When it comes to well-being, women and men can be as different as apples and oranges (or figs and eggplants). The differences aren’t just biological. You might be surprised to discover how many health

Red Foods to Keep Your Heart Happy

When it comes to what you eat, rich red whole foods can bless you not only with deliciousness, but also with a healthy heart. Eat your heart out!When it comes to heart health and your diet, think red.

Breaking Down Viruses and the Immune System

With the whole world clamoring for information during the rapid spread of COVID-19, the global public health community is echoing a message familiar to anyone who’s big into natural health (that’s you

Spring Clean Your Body Naturally

Spring is just around the corner. Looking for ways to naturally detox your body from its long winter nap? We profile our body’s own super detoxers and arm you with some strategies to help support them

10 Reasons to Stock up on Echinacea

Is echinacea on your shopping list? It should be. With virus prevention at the top of many minds, it’s key to remember that the best form of prevention is a strong immune system. Echinacea has shown g

Ashwagandha: The Stress Supplement You Might Need Right Now

A fast-approaching deadline. The first tickly signs of a cough. Spilled coffee all over your new white sweater. Sources of stress are everywhere these days. If your life has been feeling extra hectic,

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